The leading medical transport provider in Spain

Our most valuable asset is our people:

Almost 8.000 professionals who do their jobs efficiently and professionally every day.

In a highly competitive and constantly changing world, we still champion safety and training as a differentiator. HTG has its own certified training centre, which was set up in 2011: the Centro de Formación Virgen de San Lorenzo. It implements the most ambitious training system for students training to be future medical transport professionals and for the continuous training of the group’s staff.

The training centre centre is located in Zaratan, 3.8 km from Valladolid, is a pioneering centre in Spain and is fully owned by the group.

Our online training course for Emergency Medical Technicians (EMT) is particularly noteworthy

We also have certified trainers and collaboration agreements with some occupational training centres (CFGMES).

It currently provides an average 200 a year, plus a total of approximately 10.000 training hours. We also design our own training programmes.

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