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Quality as a corporate policy

HEALTH TRANSPORTATION GROUP SLU has implemented a Quality Management System that conforms to reference standards ISO 9001:2015 and UNE 179002:2018. Similarly, some of the group’s companies have earned ISO 22320 certification, through which an emergency management system is implemented for medical transport coordination and cooperation.

Our Quality Management System comprises a series of policies, systems, programmes, procedures and instructions that enable our organisational structure to be managed according to strict quality criteria. In this way, HTG guarantees the quality of the services within its scope and achieves greater satisfaction among customers and interested parties.


Integrated Policy

Committed to the environment

For HTG economic and social development and environmental protection are basic pillars that must be treated integrally, as any type of development that does not take into account one of these pillars is doomed to fail in the mid and long-term.

In order to certify the system implemented in HTG in accordance with the ISO 14001:2015 standard, audits are carried out every year by external certification bodies, which issue the corresponding audit report and the certificates for these standards.

In addition, in our centres in the Canary Islands we have achieved EMAS (Eco-Management and Audit Scheme) certification, a voluntary EU initiative that recognises companies that have implemented an environmental management system.

Social commitment

HTG ensures an appropriate working environment that meets safety, hygiene, ergonomic and health monitoring requirements. It also promotes a healthy working environment, so that staff can do their job in the best possible conditions and be more competitive. This healthy environment is also promoted outside HTG, by carrying out activities to promote healthy activities for external staff and the community.

Occupational health and safety management is fully implemented at all levels of the company and integrated into the daily processes of all workplaces through several health and safety committees, and the Servicio de Prevención Mancomunado, SPM (Joint Risk Prevention Service). Although occupational health and safety presents a broad regulatory framework in itself, our group has opted for a greater level of demand, as several of our companies have earned ISO 45001:2018 certification for Occupational Health And Safety Management Systems.


Developing and establishing strategies which ensure equal treatment and opportunities for women is an integral part of HTGROUP’s commitment. Simultaneously, we work to boost measures that foster gender equality throughout our organization. Equal opportunities between women and men is one of the guiding principles of our Corporate Policy and Human Resources.

We strive to provide and mantain a secure, decent and respectful working environment, respecting individuals’ freedoms and ensuring fundamental rights for all members of the organization. Therefore, we have declared sexual harassement and gender-based discrimination as a serious offense against human dignity

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