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The leading medical transport provider in Spain

Health Transportation Group (HTGroup) was created in 2017 following the merger of the two largest providers in the industry: Ambuibérica and Emeru. For many years these groups brought together various medical transport companies, and their associated services, under their brands.

Today, the HTGroup umbrella brand includes the operations of various brands who mainly work regionally and which share the same quality and human treatment values as the group.


Founded in Valladolid in September 2001 as a medical transport company providing services in Valladolid and Zamora, and later, Palencia. It subsequently put in a tender to provide its services in Aragon and was awarded the contract for scheduled and emergency medical transport, and went on to operate in other regions and incorporate other companies.


  • Phone: 902 300 061
  • Email: secretaria@htgroup.es
  • C/ Tamborila s/n, 47610 Zaratán. Valladolid

Ambulancias Gredos

Company dedicated to Medical Transport in Avila since 1985. It currently has more than 150 employees and 60 ambulances.


Ambulancias Quevedo

For more than 30 years, it has mainly operated in Almeria, although it is also present in other healthcare areas, such as Jaen and Granada. Expanding its horizons, in addition to government contracts, Ambulancias Quevedo also provides services to the largest insurance firms in the market and to private customers and for some time, we have been working at large-scale events, such as concerts, festivals, sports championships or bull fighting events.


  • General: 950 62 56 12
  • Central Almería Zone. C/ Almediterráneo, nº 30. 04230 Huércal de Almería
  • Zona de Levante. 04600 Huercal Overa (Pol.Industrial H.Overa). Nacional 340 la Atalaya s/n

Ambulancias Rodrigo

Created in Burgos in 1985 with a workforce of 6 people and the main goal of providing a complete road medical transport service; urgent and emergency. Mainly dedicated to covering the service with the company formerly known as Insalud (now SACYL), it has a team of almost 250 people and 15 bases across the region, with premises in Burgos, Aranda de Duero, Miranda de Ebro, Salas de Los Infantes and Briviesca.


Transport Sanitari de Catalunya (TSC)

Medical transport provider created in 1999 by the Spanish Red Cross in order to be able to bid in the first public medical transport tender organised by the department of health in Catalonia. In 2006 it bid in the second public tender, in which, for the first time, emergency medical transport was separated from non-emergency transport, being awarded 27% of the activity. After several changes of shareholder it eventually became part of Emeru.


  • General: 902-760-050
  • Barcelona: 932-490-868
  • Girona: 972-908-566
  • Lleida: 973-590-191
  • Tarragona: 977-787-362
  • Avenida Josep Tarradellas, 8-10. 6º 5ª. 08029 Barcelona

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Founded in March 1988, since the beginning Tasisa has covered all aspects of medical transport, both air and land, and provides a comprehensive service in the Canary Islands. After being awarded a contract with INSALUD (now SERVICIO CANARIO DE SALUD), Tasisa started its air activity, operating all medical air transfers of members of the Spanish social security system originating in the Canary Islands. In 1990 it started operating ambulances on Lanzarote, Fuerteventura and Gran Canaria, and in 1998, with the creation of Ambulancias Islas Canarias, S.L., it started to cover the medical transport needs of private companies. Since then the leading friendly societies and insurance companies in Spain, and Spanish and international healthcare companies have used its services. From this moment, TASISA’s activity focuses exclusively on providing its services to the government (Canary Islands Health Service, Gestión Sanitaria de Canarias, AENA, etc.). At present, it can be found all over the islands.


  • Phone: 902 30 15 15
  • Calle Eusebio Navarro, 69, 5º. 35003 Las Palmas de Gran Canaria


Integrated Policy

Centro de Formación Virgen de San Lorenzo

HTGroup also has a training centre in Zaratán (Valladolid) called the Virgen de San Lorenzo Training Centre; this means that it can efficiently combine the training received in the centre with the training  received in Ambuibérica’s facilities, which makes the students more employable. Through in-person and remote training, the training centre is clearly committed to quality of education from a practical approach, which it provides in modern facilities, equipped with the latest educational technology that adapts to the needs of the jobs market.


• Phone: 983 200 020
• Email: info@cvsanlorenzo.es
• Calle Tamborila, S/N. Zaratán, 47610. Valladolid.

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