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The leading medical transport provider in Spain

Health Transportation Group (HTG) is the leading medical transport provider in Spain and second in Europe. It was created in 2017 following the merger of the two largest providers in the industry: Ambuibérica and Emeru.

The company has defined a unified and professional management model, which incorporates the latest applicable technology in order to modernise internal processes and thus improve service efficiency and consolidate the company in both Spain and around the globe in the coming years.


Ambuibérica was founded in Valladolid in September 2001 as a medical transport company providing services in Valladolid and Zamora, and later, Palencia. It put in a tender to provide its services in Aragon and was awarded the contract for scheduled and emergency medical transport, and went on to operate in other regions (Castile-La Mancha, Galicia, etc.), incorporate other companies (Ambulancias Rodrigo, , in Burgos; Ambulancias Gredos, in Avila; Emergencias Sanitarias, in Salamanca), acquire majority stakes (Ambulancias Quevedo, in Almeria) and become the leading medical transport group in Spain. It also provides services in Portugal.


Since 2013, the Emeru brand has covered a group of companies dedicated to all aspects of land medical transport. Emeru Group mainly operates in Catalonia (TSC), Aragon, Canary Islands (TASISA), Balearic Islands and Britain.

Based in Lincolnshire and present in Northamptonshire, Leicestershire, Sussex, Essex, Middlesex, Hull, North East Lincolnshire, South Yorkshire and Basildon & Brentwood, HTG is a benchmark in the British market for quality of service and implementation.

HTG is the result of the growth of both companies, based on consolidating small local ambulance companies until the creation of the group as it is known today.

Around 7,500 employees in 3 countries

Around 3,000 vehicles

An annual turnover of around 300 million euros


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23 de abril, Día Internacional del Libro y los Derechos de Autor

En Health Transportation Group queremos acompañar a las personas de nuestro equipo y a la ciudadanía en jornadas emblemáticas. Hoy, 23 de abril, se celebra el Día de Castilla y León. Por su parte, en Cataluña viven una jornada emblemática: Sant Jordi. En el ámbito...

HTG renueva las certificaciones del Sistema Integrado de Gestión

Las compañías pertenecientes a Health Transportation Group (HTGroup) han renovado la certificación del Sistema Integrado de Gestión (SIG) según los estándares: ISO 9001:2015 de Sistemas de Gestión de la Calidad. ISO 14001:2015 de Sistemas de Gestión Ambiental. UNE...

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